Wisdom to Know the Difference                                  Chairman                                               Wisdom Group
Devil Deal Blues                                                               OC                                                           Fractured Atlas   
HOA: Havoc                                                                      Richard Akin                                           LIG Enter.
Gang Money Run                                                             Ray                                                          Mutt Productions
Unusual Suspects                                                            Charles Monney                                    LMOP Prod.
What would you do                                                         Featured                                                 KSAT News
Innocence Saga IX                                                           Landry                                                     Ponderous Prods.
Green                                                                                  Featured                                                 Ponderous Productions
Unplugged                                                                         Co-star                                                    Paradoxpix
The Mission                                                                        Featured                                                  Emerald Sunrise
Friday Night Lights                                                            Principal                                                  NBC/N Lights
Oil Storm                                                                             Principal                                                  GIV/Wall toWall
America’s Most Wanted                                                   Featured                                                 STF Productions
Farm Bureau Insurance                                                     Featured                                                 Beef & Pie Productions
Purina Cat Chow                                                                 Featured                                                 Resource Interactive
Polaris                                                                                   Featured                                                 Media Loft
Westwood College                                                            OC                                                           Cactus Communications
Heavenly Aire                                                                      OC/VO                                                    FOX 29 TV
Hoveround                                                                           OC                                                           Hoveround Corp.
Cash Loan Team                                                                 VOC                                                        Wishing Tree Productions
Greyhound                                                                           OC                                                            Latin Works

It's a Wonderful Life                                                            Freddie Filmore                                      Studio A Players


RSDW                                                                                 VOC                                                        Texas Video Pros
Islamic Relief                                                                     VO                                                           D Sawa
Sequa Corporation                                                           VO                                                           Matson Multimedia
Sirrus Marketing                                                                VO                                                           RBInterative
Teacher Recruitment                                                       VO                                                           Region 20 Service Center
Advanced Acting Intensive                                               Brad Milne
Adult Film Acting                                                                Toni Cobb-Brock
Adult on-camera                                                                 Donise Hardy/Castingworks LA
TV & Film Acting                                                                 Tom Logan
Auditioning For TV/Commercials                                   Tom Logan
Commercial Voiceover                                                      Bob MaGruder
Film Acting                                                                           Tom Balmos
Actor’s Workshop                                                                Cliff Osmond


Can use teleprompter, C & W dancing, softball, biking, swimming, fishing.

Dressed for Devil Deal Blues set in the 1930's, with Daniel Baldwin on set of HOA: Havoc, as bad guy Eddie, poster from pilot for TV show Happy Hour.

Credits Resume